The AAP Conference takes place in August, in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE). The conference offers selective and adjudicated panels of papers, showcasing research on theatrical performance in, about, and relevant to Asia.  It also features performance and training workshops, professional interest meetings, and discussions of member publications.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 conference will take place ONLINE from August 2-4, 2021. For more information, please see the CFP below.


The deadline for proposals has now passed and notification emails have been sent out. Please contact AAP Vice-President Casey Avaunt (cavaunt@elon.edu) with any questions.


All participants must register using the link below by Monday July 19, 2021

2021 AAP Annual Conference
Aug 02, 8:00 AM EDT – Aug 04, 9:00 PM EDT
Online via Zoom

Association for Asian Performance

Annual Conference 2021

August 2-4, 2021



All times are Eastern Daylight Time, so please adjust for your time zone

Monday, August 2, 2021

9:15am   Welcome! 

               Jennifer Goodlander, AAP President 

9:30-11:00am  Session 1--Collage Panel: Current Conversations in Asian Performance

                        Zoom Host and Chair: Tarryn Chun


Freda Fiala (University of Vienna) “Masks and Masking in Contemporary Asian Performance: Art. Body Politics as Strategies of Critical Globalism”


Margaret Coldiron (East 15 Acting School, University of Essex) “Death to the West!”


Jan Creutzenberg (Ewha Womans University) “Whose Tradition? Acknowledgement, Adaptation, and Ownership in Korean Performing Arts” 


Mina Kyounghye Kwon (University of North Georgia) “Traditional Korean Puppet Theatre in Comparative Perspective: Kkokdugaksi Noreum, Punch and Judy, and Talnori”

11:00am-1:00pm   AAP Board Meeting

1:00-2:30pm   Session 2--Organized Panel: Assemblies of Genre: Dancing Interactions between China, the United States, and Europe

                        from the 1930’s to the Present.

                        Zoom Host and Chair: Tarryn Chun


Ziying Cui (Temple University) “Dancing Socialist Modernism: an Examination into the Hybridity of Chinese Classical Dance and Ballet”


Alissa Elegant (Ohio State University) “Authenticating Shirley Temple: The centrality of dance in Hu Rongrong's claiming the title 'Dongfang Shirley Temple”


Ruby MacDougall (University of Michigan) “Dancing between Ginling and the Seven Sisters: Physical Training, Femininity, and Social Responsibility in Women’s Colleges in China and the United States, 1900-1949”


An Yi (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa) “Conservatory Curriculums: Approaches, Design, and Philosophy in Chinese Dance Education”


2:30-4:00pm   Session 3--Collage Panel: Contemporary, Popular, and/or Activist Performances

                         Zoom Host and Chair: Chee-Hann Wu

Radhica Ganapathy (West Virginia University) “Historicizing the Present: Poetry and Song in India's Contemporary Activism”


Ruijiao Dong (The Graduate Center, City University of New York) “Rock the Folk: Second Hand Rose, Errenzhuan, and Queerness as Chineseness”


Lorenzo Perillo (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa) “Titos of Manila: Queering Hip Hop Spaces in Manila”


Katherine Mezur (Freie Universität Berlin) “Pop War? Militarization and Activism in TransAsian Popular Mediated Performance”


4:00-5:30pm   Session #4--Emerging Scholars Panel

                         Zoom Host and Chair: Arnab Banerji

Hyo Jeong Hong (University of Minnesota at Twin Cities) “Global modernizing gestures in staging   the Silver World”


Xiaoqiao Xu (University of Connecticut) “Desire for Connection: Qiao Ying and Potrait-reading”

Po-Hsien Chu (University of Pittsburgh) “Beyond the Avant-Garde: The Aesthetic Politics of the Contemporary Legend Theatre’s Jingju Experimentation”

6:30-7:30pm  Membership Meeting

7:30-8:45pm   Roundtable 1 --Publishing Your First Journal Article and Book Review with Asian Theatre Journal

                        Zoom Host and Chair: Siyuan Liu

Co-organizers: Xing Fan (University of Toronto) and Siyuan Liu (University of British Columbia) 

Participants: David Jortner (Baylor University) Kevin Wetmore (Loyola Marymount) David Mason (Rhodes College), Carol Fisher Sorgenfrei (University of California, Los Angeles) Kathy Foley (University of California, Santa Cruz) Hongjian Wang (Purdue University) Y.J Hwang (University of Pittsburgh)


8:45-10:15pm    Session 5--Collage Panel: East Asian Dance: Pedagogy, Politics, and Discourses

                          Zoom Host and Chair: Casey Avaunt

Sangwoo Ha (University of Malaya) “Writing Animatedly by Tracing Inanimate Archives: North Korean Dance in South Korean Dance Field”


Eva Chou (City University of New York Baruch College) “Shanghai Ballet Company's 2012 Jane Eyre: A Cultural Challenge”


Emily Wilbourne (Elon University) “The Effect of Japanese Imperialism on Korean Seungmu Dance”


10:15pm-11:45pm   Roundtable 2-- Factors Affecting Fixity and Change in Performance Traditions, Particularly Censorship and


                               Zoom Host and Chair: Siyuan Liu


Co-organizers: David Rolston (University of Michigan) and Siyuan Liu (University of British Columbia)


Participants: Kathy Foley (University of California at Santa Cruz), Matthew Shores (University of Sydney), V. G. Salini, (NSS College Ottapalam)




Tuesday August 3, 2021


7:30-9:00am   Session 6--Collage Panel: Gender, Sexuality and Theatre across Asia

                        Zoom Host and Chair: Jennifer Goodlander

Guohe Zheng (Ball State University) “Three Destinies of Morimoto Kaoru’s A Woman’s Life in Three Countries”


Suzi Elnaggar (Baylor University) “The Syrian Women: Refugee Performances of Euripides' "Trojan Women” and “The Queens of Syria”


Hayana Kim (Northwestern University) “Korea’s Post-Dictatorial Theatre: Performing Testimonies of Military Sexual Violence on Stage”

Hongwei Bao (University of Nottingham) “Performing Transnational Chinese Masculinity:  Whiskey Chow’s Performance Art”


9:00-10:30am    Session 7 --Collage Panel: Adapting, Re-staging, and Re-imagining Chinese Theatrical Performance

                           Zoom Host and Chair: Tarryn Chun

Mia Zhu (University of British Columbia) “Censored Violence and Relocated Heterotopia:  Adapting Martin McDonagh’s In-Yer-Face Theatre for the Chinese Stage”


Huimin Wang (University of Southampton) “How to Modernise Tang Xianzu’s Peony Pavilion:  A Cognitive Neuroscientific Perspective”


Weiyu Li (University of Washington) “Silencing Race in the Haunted Body: Re-Staging Racial Blackness in the Post-Socialist China”


Yihui Sheng (University of Michigan) “Across Page and Stage: Excavating the Theatricality of Selected Scenes in Late Ming China”


10:30am-12:00pm   Session 8--Organized Panel: Choreographing Identity and Dissent in Chinese and Sinophone Performance

                                 Zoom Host: Casey Avaunt 

Chair: Ellen Gerdes


Ellen Gerdes (Temple University) “Like a Bird on the Wire: Dancing Activism in Post-‘One Country, Two Systems’ Hong Kong”


Yining Lin (Independent Scholar) “Performing Difference: Combining Jingju Convention and  Western Dance to Create Images of the ‘Happy Minority’”


Emily Wilcox (William and Mary) “Chinese Blackface?: Interpreting Cross-Racial and Cross- Ethnic Performance in China’s 2018 and 2021 New Years Galas”


Yujie Chen (Ohio State University) “Choreographing Queer Social Bodies: A Queer Reading of  Hu Shenyuan’s Cross-Stage Practices”


1:00-2:30pm   Session 9--Collage Panel: Uncovering Chinese Theatre History

                        Zoom Host and Chair: Siyuan Liu

Annelise Finegan Wasmoen (New York University) “Chen Dabei’s Silent Plays: Pantomimes  and the Aimeide Theater Movement”


Xing Fan (University of Toronto) “A Master Performer in Exile: Cheng Yanqiu’s Study Tour to Europe (1932–1933)”


Dongshin Chang (Hunter College, City University of New York) “Entrusting the Son: An Exploration of Its Performance Genealogy”


2:30-4:00pm    Grad Student/mentor session


4:00-4:45pm   Performance/Discussion by Michael Sakamoto


6:00-7:30pm  Session 10--Collage Panel: Japanese and Chinese Performance Practice

                        Zoom Host and Chair: Kevin Wetmore

Cynthia Shin (Indiana University Bloomington) “Which Weird Witches? Japanese Rewritings of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.”


Weilue Zhang (Queensland University of Technology) “A Study on the Adaptation of Western Immersive Theatre in China”


Sarah Johnson (Texas Tech University) Playwrights as Architects of Third Space: Teaching the Dramaturgy of Japanese Traditional Performing Arts”


Yoshiko Fukushima (University of Hawai’i at Hilo) “Actresses in Modern Tokyo Comedy: Soganoya Gokuro as Producer”


7:30-9:00pm   Session 11--Collage Panel: Negotiating Local, Rural, and Urban in Asian Theatre

                         Zoom Host and Chair: Chee-Hann Wu

Chee-Hann Wu (University of California-Irvine) “Performing with Indigenous Spirits—The Elders from Katumayan”


Man He (Williams College) “Out of the Box-Set Stage: The Theatrics of Rural De-construction in Hong Shen’s Rural Trilogy”


Sue-Han Ueng (National Taipei University) “Coevalness and Contingency in Taiwanese Temple Festival Performance Culture”

9:00-10:30pm   Session 12--Organized Panel: Technology in Traditional Japanese Theatre: High-Tech Simplicity for the 21st Century

                           Zoom Host: Kevin Wetmore


Chair: Jonah Salz

Julie Iezzi (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa) “Using Technology to be Spectacularly Simple”


John Oglevee (Independent Scholar/Artist) “Nohgaku Entertainment(s): To be or not to be so”


Beng Choo Lim (National University of Singapore) ““Let’s meet on YouTube” — watching kyogen on your computer screen”





Wednesday August 4, 2021


8:30-10:00am    Session 13--Collage Panel: Contemporary Considerations in Asian Theatre

                           Zoom Host and Chair: Jennifer Goodlander

Wei-Chih Wang (Institute of Taiwan Literature, National Tsing Hua University) “The 2.5-Dimensional Theatre in Taiwan: The Liberal New Town 1.5 Goddess of Love and Its Traitors”


Sebastian Samur (University of Toronto) “Tracing back through Adaptations of SITI Company's Hanjo


Iris H. Tuan (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University) “River/Cloud: Fill in the Blank via Memory, Imagination, and Meta-theatre”


10:00-11:30am   Session 14--Collage Panel: Dance, Embodiment, and Affect in Indian Performance

                           Zoom Host and Chair: Jashodhara Sen 

Seth Powers (CUNY Graduate Center) “Coding Breath: Veenapani Chawla and the Schematization of Feeling in Performance”


Purnima Shah (Duke University) “Poetic Expressions of Thumri in Kathak Dance”


Kristen Rudisill (Bowling Green State University) “The Deer Dances and the Peacock Dances:  Gender, Professionalism, and Family in Maanada Mayilada”

12:30-2:00pm   Session 15--Organized Panel: Traversing Digital Presence and Praxis

                          Zoom Host and Chair: Jashodhara Sen

Deepsikha Chatterjee (The Graduate Center CUNY) “Creative Ethnography During COVID”


Amanda Culp (Vassar College) “Inside the Virtual Koothambalam”


Joned Suryatmoko (The Graduate Center CUNY) “Queering Virtuality and Identity”


Jashodhara Sen (University of Colorado Boulder) “Activating Praxis through Digital Storytelling”


2:00-3:30pm   Anti-Racism Workshop with Donatella Galella

*Registration required to attend this workshop


3:30-5:00pm   Session 16--Collage Panel: From Traditional to Contemporary on the Japanese Stage      

                         Zoom Host and Chair: David Jortner


Stefano Boselli (Baruch College) “Of Fickle Stars and Exploding Rockets: Mishima’s Modern Nō and Kyōgen Adaptations from Tokyo to Broadway”


Sara Newsome (University of California, Irvine) “Moving Forward or Going Back: Comparing  the Modern Noh Plays of Setouchi Jakuchō and Ishimure Michiko”


Jennifer Yoo (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa) “Performing Tōkaidō Yotsuya Kaidan: Adapting Kabuki for the Contemporary Audience in Japan”


Jane Traynor (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa) "The Pure Land is Far, but Hell is Not: An Examination of the Multivalent Parody Present in the Oni Kyōgen Play Asahina."


6:00-7:30pm   Roundtable 3--Tectonic Shift or Artificial Crab: How Japanese traditional and Contemporary Theatre has

                         Changed in 18 months of COVID – a J-PEST Roundtable 

                         Zoom Host and Chair: Jyana S. Browne

Organizer: Jonah Salz (Ryūkoku University)

Participants: Mari Boyd (Sophia University), Peter Eckersall (Graduate Center, City University of New York), Carol Fisher Sorgenfrei (University of California, Los Angeles), David Jortner (Baylor University), Colleen Lanki (University of British Columbia/TomoeArts), M. Cody Poulton (University of Victoria), Krisztina Rosner (Meiji University), Corey Wakeling (Kobe College)


7:30-9:00pm   Session 18--Collage Panel: Traditions and Developments in Chinese Opera

                         Zoom Host and Chair: Chee-Hann Wu


Megan Evans (Victoria University of Wellington) “A sip of tea before the world turns upside down…again: Brian Brake’s 1959 photographs on a Jingju (Beijing/Peking opera) film set”


Yuting Chen (The University of British Columbia) “Xiqu Reform and Regional Theater: Purifying Xiaoxi (Folk Playlet) in Huangmeixi (Huangmei Opera) in the 1950s”


Huihui Huang (Indiana University) “Political Rite and Stylized Features in the Model Opera Shachiapang”



9pm-10pm Social Hour