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CFP: 20th Annual AAP Pre-Conference @ ATHE

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Association for Asian Performance 20th Annual ATHE Pre-Conference

July 28-29, 2020 | Detroit, MI

The Association for Asian Performance (AAP) Focus Group invites submissions for its 20th Annual Conference. The AAP pre-conference is a two-day event to be held at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center in Detroit, MI preceding the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) Annual Conference. Proposals are invited for papers, panels, workshops, roundtable discussions, and other formats.

The deadline for proposals is March 15, 2020.

*Proposals from foreign applicants may receive early consideration as needed for visa arrangements.

Proposals for the following formats are welcome:

· Individual Papers on topics related to Asian performance. Proposals for individual papers should include an abstract (max 250 words). Individual presentations should be limited to 20 minutes so that there will be time left for questions and discussion. Visual materials (slides, video, etc.) are strongly encouraged.

· Panels composed of three paper presenters and one discussant or four paper presenters. Proposals for panels should provide a brief statement (250 words) that explains the session as a whole, a list of titles and a 50-word abstract for each paper, and biography of the discussant (if applicable).

· Roundtables offer an opportunity for participants to discuss specific themes, issues or significant recent publications. A maximum of six active participants is recommended. While a roundtable proposal need not be as detailed as a panel proposal, it should explain fully the session’s purpose, themes, or issues and scope (250 words), as well as provide a list of committed participants.

· Workshops by performance practitioner(s) with expertise in specific Asian performance traditions are welcomed, particularly workshops that overlap with a panel theme or paper presentation. Workshop proposals should include an abstract (350 words) describing the workshop and any technical or space considerations. Workshops should be designed to run no longer than 80 minutes.

· Poster sessions provide an opportunity to share developing, new, or unique research projects that would be enhanced by an interactive format. Submit a brief abstract (250 words) for a short, multimedia-enhanced presentation. The AAP will do its best to pair specialists in your subject area to act as respondents. Past presenters at the poster sessions have included both junior and senior scholars.

· We also encourage suggestions for innovative alternatives to the session formats described above! Please contact the conference organizer directly if you have an idea for an innovative session.

Calling all Graduate Students!

AAP warmly encourages participation from graduate students. The conference provides a number of dedicated events, such as an informational brown bag lunch with mentors and social gatherings out on the town, that make AAP an especially welcoming and enriching experience. If you are interested in learning more, please contact one of our Graduate Student Representatives: Huihui Huang ( and Jashodhara Sen (

All proposals should include the following:

· Title of panel, roundtable, workshop, poster, or paper.

· Names of all presenters, including chair and/or organizer and discussant (for panels and roundtables), and a few biographical sentences about each presenter.

· Affiliation, specialization (field/region), mailing address, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of all participants.

· Explanation of the session (for panels, workshops, and roundtables); abstract for each panel presentation or each paper.

Proposal submission:

  • New this year! Submit through our online form

  • or email proposals to the conference organizer and AAP Vice-President, Kristen Rudisill ( You may also contact Kristen with any questions, ideas, or for help finding collaborators.


All presenters are expected to join AAP. To learn more about the benefits of becoming an AAP member, please visit our website at and consider joining us on Facebook:


  • If you submitted a panel proposal to ATHE (in November) and your panel was not accepted, you may resubmit to AAP as either a full panel or as individual papers.

  • If you submitted a panel proposal to ATHE (in November) and your panel is accepted, you are welcome to submit a second proposal to AAP. We encourage members to present at both conferences as long as you present two different pieces of research!

  • If you submitted a paper to the AAP Emerging Scholars adjudicated panel, you also may submit to the regular conference program. However, you will only be able to present one (1) paper at the conference due to time and space constraints. Emerging Scholars awards and conference paper acceptances will go out at the same time in mid-April.

  • If you submit an individual paper proposal and then are selected for the Emerging Scholars panel, your individual paper proposal will be automatically withdrawn from consideration.

  • If you submit a panel proposal and then are selected for the Emerging Scholars panel, your panel may be asked to accept an alternate paper in lieu of your contribution. Please alert your fellow panelists that you have submitted to the Emerging Scholars competition and obtain their consent to adjusting the panel in advance of your panel proposal submission. In this case, the conference organizers will work directly with panels to ensure that any added paper(s) do not negatively affect the cohesiveness of the panel.

  • AAP members are encouraged to join ATHE and register for the ATHE conference (July 29-August 2, 2020), but you are not requiredto join ATHE or register for the ATHE conference in order to present at AAP. Membership and registration for the two organizations and conferences are separate.

  • More info on joining AAP:

  • More info on joining ATHE:

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