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Cinematic Shadow Theatre Workshop July 2019

Summer 2019, beginning July 8th ShadowLight Productions 22 Chattanooga Street San Francisco, CA, USA 94114

By popular demand, now announcing a Cinematic Shadow Theatre Master Class in the San Francisco Bay Area with Shadow Master Larry Reed and ShadowLight Productions in July 2019. This rarely offered workshop will cover shadow theatre history, a variety of lighting and projection methods, screen types, puppetry, set and mask technique and a hands-on ensemble workshop culminating in a live performance. Specifically, we will demonstrate ShadowLight Productions’ signature large-scale modern cinematic style of shadow theatre. All skill levels are welcome. We recognize that this is a new art form for many people. We provide all training, tools, and materials so that everyone can succeed.

We welcome seasoned theatre practitioners and shadow aficionados as well as enthusiastic beginners to join us this summer. This workshop is also a professional development opportunity for educators who want to bring shadow theatre to their schools or communities. Ensemble work within the ShadowLight creative process encourages collaboration, imagination, reflection, inquiry and kinesthetic learning. These are skills you can bring back to any work or creative environment. Instruction in Spanish is available as needed. Participants must be 15 years or older. If an applicant is under 18, they will need to provide a letter of recommendation from a current or past instructor.

Our cinematic shadow theatre workshop is offered in two different parts: a three-day introduction course or a twelve-day intensive.  You must attend the three-day Introduction to Cinematic Shadow Theatre in order to participate in the twelve-day intensive workshop. Registration is limited to twenty participants for the twelve-day intensive workshop to ensure a high-quality experience. Or contact Caryl Kientz at for more info.

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