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Theatre Nohgaku at Hampden-Sydney College

The Noh Training Project is an intensive 3-week training in the unique singing and dancing of Japan’s centuries-old noh dance-drama with master performers from Theatre Nohgaku. During the final week of instruction, we’ll be joined by Kita-Ryu Master Teacher and Intangible Cultural Asset Mr. Akira Matsui. Participants will also have the chance to work with the musical instruments of noh.

Theatre Nohgaku is an international performance group dedicated to sharing the power and beauty of Japanese noh with the world. We were founded in 2000 by theatre and allied professionals and our members have extensive lecture, presentation, and workshop experience in addition to (and in support of) our international performances.

Hampden-Sydney College is the tenth oldest institution of higher learning in the United States (1775), and is the oldest of the country's few remaining private colleges that specializes in educating and developing young men. The College is located on a beautiful, residential campus situated on 1300 acres in south-central Virginia, 60 miles southwest of Richmond.

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