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Theatre Times Call for Submissions

TheTheatreTimes.comis calling for reviews, interviews, essays, and other writings about Asian theatre and world theatre at large from AAP members. Covering theatre and performance in 80 countries, TheTheatreTimes.comprovides an ideal online outlet to write about theatre for a global audience. Original work and quality material suitable for online republishing are both welcome.

TheTheatreTimes.comis the most far-reaching and most comprehensive global theatre portal. Since launching in November 2016, it has published over 2,200 articles, developed 20 thematic sections, developed relationships with over 50 media partnersaround the world, and amassed60,000+ followers onsocial media. With aconstantly expanding, all-volunteer collaborative team of more than 140 Regional Managing Editorsaround the world, TheTheatreTimes.compublishes news stories, interviews, and reviews about global theatre on a daily basis. By giving a platform to local, regional editors, native language speakers, and cultural insiders, its aim is to createa new, pluralistic model of intercultural exchange and cultural sharing. 

TheTheatreTimes.comcurrently hasRegional Managing Editors for Asian countries and regions including Azerbaijan, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan, and welcomesinquiries from those interested in becoming team members and contributors.

For questions, inquiries, and pitches, please contact

We look forward to hearing from you!

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